Mr.M.P.BandaraMr. M. P. Bandara is graduated in 1991 from the University of Sri Jayewardenepura, Bsc. Business Administration (Special) degree. He served as Audit Assistant and Senior Auditor at P. E. Mathew & Co, Chartered Accountants for 5years and after completing the Professional Level training of the CA Sri Lanka joined the foreign Investment Company called MSA Co. Ltd (South Korea) and served 15 years in the capacity of Accountant, Commercial Manager and Director Operations. The company was the 5th largest export earning company in 1997/98 the work force of over 5000. After, completing 15years of service in private sector joined with the University Grant Commission as a Senior Assistant Accountant in 2012. After 6 year service, in 2017 September assumed duties as Director MTF.

During last 3 years he has improved the Mahapola activities a lot, currently all the scholarship payments in all the universities and Technical colleges up to date. Further, he managed to handle all litigations against NWCL/NWSL & SLIIT and attending for auditing of MTF, NWSL & NWCL. He saved more than Rs.10mn in cutting down the stationary and printing cost in order to contribute environment friendly office to reduce the carbon for the fund during last 03 year period. He engaged in development of MTF web, Re-commencing of Mahapola Trade fair and exhibition, process re-engineering on scholarship payments and introducing new payments system in order to make the scholarship payment fast.