The ‘Mahapola” concept introduced by the late Hon.Lalith Athulathmudali (P.C) in 1980, initially was only a Trade Fair organized by the Ministry of Trade & Shipping for the primary purpose of channeling the benefit of the open economy to rural communities to create an educated society with the aim of alleviating poverty.

The trade fair and education exhibitions were organized in rural schools and the incomes generated from the sale of the entrance tickets were utilized to develop infrastructure of those schools. People exhibited more interest in Mahapola Trade Fair during the period from 1980 to 2000.Thereafter, peoples’ interact with the exhibition has started to decline and the exhibition do not generate income over expenditure. Ultimately the exhibition has been stopped for several years.

Now, MTF has decided to re-commence the Mahapola Trade Fair & Exhibition from 2019 onwards in collaboration with National Youth Services Council. They have agreed to give their infrastructure facilities & institutional support for re-commencement of the Mahapola Trade Fair & Exhibition.

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